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A.Q.S.I.Q.   Who would have thought that five letters could cause such a problem. Well for most companies that export scrap material to China, these fiver letters mean either a complete change in business plan or bankruptcy. Well, not any more.


NOBLE Recycling Inc. is here to help.  With our extensive knowledge of the AQSIQ registration process, Noble Recycling can help any qualified company get approved status in very little time.  Noble has established an office in Tianjin, China to process and translate AQSIQ applications for companies in the USA that wish to continue doing direct business with China. 

Our staff of experienced professionals are waiting and ready to guide you through the complicated process of applying for registration with the Chinese government.  Noble Recycling helps you and your company weed through the unnecessary and lengthy forms and helps you focus solely on the  only the most crucial of items.  Once its been determined that you did your job and provided us with what we need to do ours, Noble Recycling goes to work for you.
Noble Recycling begins by translating all of your paperwork and answers into Chinese as is required by the AQSIQ. From there, our China office focuses their daily attention into making sure that your application is processed and eventually approved.  If there are any questions, or additional information that the Chinese government requires, Noble Makes sure that these are answered in hours instead of in weeks or perhaps months.  With this kind of efficiency, Noble can GUARANTEE that your application is processed in the shortest time possible.   
Noble Recycling is so confident in its ability to get any qualified company approved that if for some reason we can't, we will refund your money. That is our Guarantee.
If you would be interested in getting your company approved by the AQSIQ, and maintaining the business you've worked so hard to establish, then give us a call. The staff at Noble Recycling is standing by to give you more information and details into this unique service.

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