Noble Recycling Inc.
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MATERIAL WE BUY - Click for Pictures
  • ICW #1 80-85%
  • ICW#2 50-55%
  • Electric MOTORS
  • Shredder Picking
  • Sealed Units
  • Honey
  • Radiators
  • HMS #1
  • HMS #2
  • Rail

Noble Recycling sells all of these types of materials as well as Higher-end alloys such as nickel.



Noble Recycling works with some of the countries largest metal recyclers in helping companies set-up recycling programs for their ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.  Because we are licensed in CHina by the "General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine"  (AQSIQ) to import all metals direct into China, it allows our customers access the largest metal market on earth.  With the capacity to handle 100% of the scrap metals being generated in the USA, the China market opens pricing horizons for those small and medium metal yards who think their only option is selling to domestic mills.  Noble Recycling throws open the doors for all to experience Direct sales to China, Superior Pricing, and unparalleled service.  
Noble Recycling specializes in mostly lower-end non-ferrous metals. Because of the demanding and super-competitive marketplace, as well as the time Risk taken when shipping overseas, Noble focuses on buying large quantities of lower cost items while offering the highest price for them.  This strategy keeps Noble ahead of the pricing curve and allows us to stave off potential pricing claims. 
However, Noble is not limited to non-ferrous.  WE are also shipping HMS and Rail scrap in bulk quantities to a select few customers in China.  These customers are direct mills and are some of the biggest metal recyclers in Northern China.
With the capability to ship into China, Noble Recycling can offer any recycler or processor of metals, options that recently have been closed to them.  We do our own shipping and logistics as well as our own customs paper work on both borders.  Noble can help you with your scrap program and we will work hard to get you the very best pricing the World has to offer.